Welcome at our Office

In its highly automated plants in Anhui, China, LANTAN manufactures a complete range of gas cylinders and springs for seating and other consumer and industrial applications.

LANTAN focuses on customizing specific products to meet customer needs while maintaining product consistency and integrity. LANTAN provides quick delivery of custom products and superior customer support.

Product quality and reliability are designed into all LANTAN products. Based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, LANTAN carefully monitors all the material, processes and services applied to manufacture its gas cylinders and gas springs, with the result that end of line product quality yields exceed 99.7%, while customer returns are below 0.01%.

LANTAN is committed to continuous measurement and improvement of its manufacturing processes in accordance with worldwide best practices.

LANTAN products have been tested, evaluated and accepted by numerous independent testing laboratories throughout the world, as well as by LANTAN’s many international customers.

At LANTAN, we are all committed to providing our customers with a continuously improved, world-class product at a competitive price.