Modern people pay more more and more attention to the concept of economic. Lifting table is a product conceived under this concept.

  • At first, the lifting table is mainly aimed at the office crowd. with the popularization of the network and the promotion of the itelligent factories, the network is indispensable. 90% of the work can be done through computers and networks, so a table for computers is also relatively important. Looking back at the rise of office seats at that time until now, it has a development history of more than 20 years in China. People’s love and demand for it is also gradually increased. The design and development of office chair is very mature in the furniture market.
  • Second, in recent years, the network platform has become mature. The number of people who work at home in the new generation is growing every year. They become anchors and self-employed micro businesses. No matter men or women, they have different ideas about the quality of life, and their consumption ideas are constantly changing. The demand for home desk is increasing gradually, so our pneumatic liting table is slowly entering the family. Diferent from the eletic liting table, the pneumatic liting table is more flexible and compact, and the operation is also very simple. It only needs a switch to physically control the lifting height and speed. For small family or large vlla, adults or children, gas liting tables are very friendly.

Double-post electric lifting desk

Double-post pneumatic lifting desk

Single-post pneumatic lifting desk